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Development and commercialisation of new curative anti-malarial treatments.

Company profile

Arenco Pharmaceutica is a small independent pharmaceutical company that has developed a series of ß-artemether based anti-malarials.

The company markets it’s product only outside the European Union and has adopted a stringent focus on the quality of its product (a lot of the competing products are made in China and India and fake anti-malarials are a known problem for all anti-malarials). Arenco’s products were the first artemisinine-based drugs that got registered in Africa (1993 in Kenya). In the mean time, the drug has received registration approval and/or marketing authorisation in over 15 countries (no EU registration).

The range of products currently includes tablets (ACT's) and ampoules for intra-muscular injection (adult and paediatric form). Arenco is working together with some leading research institutions to continue to develop new and innovative products, all of them targeted at malaria and based on artemisinine-derivatives.

Arenco is a profitable privately owned company, jointly owned by a medical doctor and an early-stage investor.

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